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Daimyos Reorganized

Daimyos Reorganized

In order to insure that the daimyos remained loyal to him and to his new government, Ieyasu reorganized them. He took all their land from them, and then divided it up based on loyalty. Those who had been loyal to him prior to the battle of Sekigahara were given the best lands, while those who were only loyal after their defeat were given the most undesirable lands.

Ieyasu built his capital city in Edo, the location of the present day city of Tokyo. He required each daimyo to visit the capital city once every other year, and to remain in the city for an entire year. This meant that they would spend half their lives in the capital city, and were only allowed to spend the other half on their own lands.

A daimyo pays a visit to the capital city

During the year that they were away from the capital city, the daimyos were required to leave their families behind. These daimyos were required to obtain the permission of the shogun to marry, or to make any changes to their estates.