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Alexander Spreads Greek Culture

Alexander Spreads Greek Culture

Upon his death, the empire that Alexander the Great had built fractured into three separate kingdoms. These kingdoms later fractured into yet more smaller states. However, even though his kingdom did not last long, his influence did. The conquests of Alexander the Great spread the Greek culture throughout much of Europe and Asia.


The Greek culture mixed with other cultures, forming a new type of civilization which is today referred to as Hellenistic. These Hellenistic cities spoke Greek and practiced many of the religious and other cultural practices first introduced by the Greeks.

Hellenistic Culture

Greece as a nation was gone, but as a culture, it had been spread throughout the known world. In Egypt a new city was founded by the name of Alexandria. In Alexandria, the first museum was founded in the history of the world. This museum included a zoo, a botanical garden, and a vast library. Scientists and scholars from around the world traveled to Alexandria to study the works collected there.

Even today, many thousands of years later, the Greek culture continues to influence many aspects of Western culture. This small nation has become one of the most influential cultures in the history of the world.