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Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

A young Macedonian prince by the name of Alexander was taught for four years by his teacher, Aristotle. Aristotle instructed Alexander in politics, war, and in critical thinking.


Then, at the age of 16, Alexander was made a captain in the Macedonian armies where he gained the respect of his soldiers for his bravery and battle strategies. When Alexander was 20 years old his father was murdered. After the death of his father, Alexander became the king of Macedonia. The capital of Macedonia was the city of Babylon.

Alexander The Great

Having been tutored by Aristotle, Alexander admired the Greeks. He thought that their culture was refined and that it had many things to offer. Alexander also admired the Persian culture, seeing many things that he thought were noteworthy.

Alexander determined to conquer both Greece and Persia, and combine them into an empire that would rival any other empire anywhere in the world. For the next 13 years Alexander, now known as Alexander the Great, marched his troops from battle to battle, conquering more and more territory.

At the age of 33, Alexander the Great contracted a fever which quickly took his life. The empire he had worked so hard to build was divided among three of his generals whose decedents ruled these three territories as separate empires.