Before the Greeks

Before The Greeks

Prior to the rule of the Greeks, another great civilization flourished in the same region. These people where known as the Minoans. For centuries the Minoans were lost to history, and were believed to be nothing more than an ancient myth. Then around 1900, an archeologist by the name of Sir Author Evans discovered an ancient palace that predated the Greeks.

Minoan Palace

It is now known that the Minoans flourished from around 2500 B.C. until about 1400 B.C. This civilization was both powerful and advanced. Their might allowed them to control the Aegean Sea, keeping it free from criminals and pirates.

Evidence from archeological finds show that the Minoans curled their hair, and that they wore gold jewelry and belts. Just as this society was growing and seeing great success, it suddenly disappeared. Many archeologists believe that it was destroyed by a giant tidal wave. Others believe that they were conquered by another group of people known as the Mycenaeans.