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China Establishes Ties With Europe

China Establishes Ties with Europe

Both China and Europe became expert sailors, sending ships throughout the world, and bringing them into contact with one another.

The Europeans desire for silk and for the fine porcelain produced in China brought many European ships to Chinese ports looking to trade with them.

People in Europe fell in love with Chinese porcelain

The Portuguese established a trading port in Macau in 1557, in order to help them secure their control over the Indian Ocean, and over trade between Europe and China. The Chinese considered the Portuguese to be devils, and did not want to trade with them at first. The Portuguese used their military to force Chinese villages to trade.

Jesuit missionaries traveled from Europe to China in the hopes of converting the nation to Christianity. While these efforts were not successful, they did obtain important and influential positions in the government of China, and shared a number of European technologies with them.