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Hammurabi and the Babylonians

Hammurabi and the Babylonian Empire

After the decline of Sargon’s Akkadian Empire, the Sumerian city-states fell into decline. Eventually a new leader by the name of Hammurabi rose to power.


Hammurabi was an Amorite. The Amorites came into the Fertile Crescent and overran the Sumerians. Hammurabi established his kingdom which was centered in Babylon.

Hammurabi established a series of written laws describing the various violations and what the appropriate punishments would be. These laws were written down, establishing the first written system of justice. This is considered to be one of Babylon’s greatest achievements.

After the death of Hammurabi, his Babylonian Empire eventually fell. Though the empire was gone, the city-state of Babylon remained. Many centuries later a new empire would come out of Babylon, which would be ruled by a group of people known as the Chaldeans.