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Kiev’s Golden Age

Kiev’s Golden Age

Throughout the 1000s A.D., Kievan Rus experienced a period of wealth and economic growth. Historians refer to this time period as the Golden Age of Kiev.


Prince Vladimir, who brought Eastern Orthodoxy into Kievan Rus, is often considered one of the kingdom’s greatest rulers. He ruled from 980 until 1015 A.D. During this time period his people saw tremendous growth, and an overall increase in their standard of living due to the influences of the Byzantine Empire.

Prince Vladimir’s son, a man by the name of Yaroslav, reigned in his father’s place beginning in the year 1019 A.D. Grand Prince Yaroslav built a library in Kiev, and encouraged everyone to gain as much education as possible.


He also reorganized the affairs of the government, establishing new laws, which were heavily based on the Justinian code of the Byzantine Empire.

In order to insure peace, Yaroslav arranged marriages for his daughters and sisters with the kings of many surrounding nations. During this time period, when Europe was in the midst of the Dark Ages, Kiev stood as a shining beacon and a beautiful city.