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Sparta – A City of Soldiers

Sparta took a very different approach to controlling their people. They decided that the best way to insure that their people remained obedient to their laws was to create a massive army.


Spartan boys were expected to join the army. Even from birth, if a male child did not appear to be strong, city officials would leave the baby on a hill to die. At the age of seven, boys were required to leave their families and begin training for battle. They would remain in the army until age 60, when they were allowed to retire.

Sparta Soldiers

Their emphasis on war was very effective at keeping obedience and loyalty in their city-state. Sparta’s military expertise has been credited for many victories that helped protect the other city-states. However, Sparta did not focus on much else. As a result, they were poorer, and less technically advanced than the other city-states.