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Suleiman I

Suleiman I

From 1520 A.D. until 1566 A.D., a powerful sultan or king named Suleiman I ruled the Ottoman Empire. Suleiman was an effective leader, and helped bring the Ottoman Empire to new heights.

Through his masterful military planning, he was able to conquer new territory. Within his kingdom, he ruled with absolute authority, acting as both the political leader, as well as the caliph, or religious leader.

Suleiman I

He was known as Suleiman the Lawgiver to his people. In order to help him maintain order in his kingdom, Suleiman set up a large bureaucracy, or government, headed by a grand vizier, who carried out Suleiman’s instructions. In order to enforce his laws, he maintained a highly trained army corps known as janissaries. These soldiers were trained in both military tactics, as well as in religious duties and responsibilities. This insured their loyalty to the sultan.