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Timur Lenk

Timur Lenk

By the late 1300s A.D., the empire that Genghis Khan had built was almost completely gone. The Mongol people had returned to their nomadic ways of life, living in tribes, and moving from location to location in search of hunting grounds.


Then, in 1390 A.D., a new nomadic leader emerged. This leader, a man by the name of Timur Lenk (or Tamerlane in English) again united the different nomadic tribes of the Asian Steppe under his authority.


Timur was a brutal and merciless warlord. Yet, despite this brutality, he was able to establish a thriving empire whose cities would be some of the wealthiest in the region.

After his death in 1405 A.D., Timur’s empire quickly began to decay as the Ottoman Empire grew in strength and influence in the region.