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The Waldensian Church

The Waldensian Church

Waldensians discuss their belief that the Catholic Church is corrupt

After being excommunicated from the Catholic Church for heresy, the Poor of Lyons formed their own church, which they called the Waldensian Church. In 1211 A.D., 80 members of this new church were burned at the stake by the Catholic Church for heresy.

Waldensians Burned At Stake

This strengthened the resolve of the Waldensians, and helped to push their movement further. They declared that the Catholic Church was sinful and that it had fallen. They did away with the pomp and circumstance associated with Catholic services, and stopped taking the sacrament. The Waldensians held their own services separate from the Catholic Church where they allowed any member to preach as they were moved upon by the Holy Ghost.

The Waldensians were heavily persecuted. Eventually they settled in the Piedmont Valley on the Italian Peninsula where they have thrived to the present day.

Groups of Waldensians have immigrated from Italy to Africa, South America, and to the United States, with groups in New York, North Carolina, Delaware, and Utah.