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The American Revolution

The American Revolution

For many centuries colonists had been migrating from Europe to the Americas in search of economic opportunities and religious freedom. These colonies were established under the authority of the monarchs of Europe, and as a result, the colonists owed their loyalty to those monarchs.

Life was difficult for the first settlers who came to the Americas. When they arrived, they found no cities, no paved streets, and no markets. All they found was the wilderness. These first settlers built cities from scratch, and paved the way for later immigrants, bringing civilization to these wild lands.

Early settlers arrive in the New World

As civilization advanced in the new world, and began to resemble life in Europe, the lives of the people became easier and more comfortable. This allowed them to spend more time pursuing hobbies, and in the service of their communities.

New schools were established in the colonies, and the education level among colonists began to increase.