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Ancient Rome

The Ancient Romans

The Italian Peninsula was home to a people that would eventually rule most of the known world. The story of how this small village, which was named Rome, grew into the most powerful empire in the world is one of war, luck, and intrigue.

According to legend, the city-state of Rome was founded by a young man named Romulus. Legend says that Romulus built a wall around his village. When his brother leapt over the wall, Romulus was upset and killed him. This legend further says that Romulus then stated that a similar fate would befall anyone who ever tried to break through the walls of Rome.

Roman Village

Whether or not Romulus was a real person is not known. Most archeologists and historians believe that Rome began as a series of several small villages set around seven hills. It is believed that as these villages grew they eventually merged, forming one larger city.

It is believed that around 750 B.C., the village leaders met together and decided to form a single government for all the united villages, forming for the first time a united Roman city-state.