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Cro Magnon Tools

The Tools and Technology of Cro-Magnons

The advanced tools and technology of Cro-Magnons allowed them to quickly adapt to and master their environments. In addition to stone, Cro-Magnons used other materials for making tools. These materials included bones, antlers, teeth and ivory.

With these new materials, they were able to create sharper blades, needles for sewing, and fishhooks for fishing. Cro-Magnons also invented new kinds of long distance weapons, such as bow and arrows and spear throwers.

Cro-Magnon Tools

Axes allowed humans to chop down trees. Evidence has been found to show that early humans used some of these logs to make canoes.

New technologies dramatically increased the amount of food available. This in turn allowed for the population of Cro-Magnon to explode.