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The Egyptian Pyramids

The Egyptians Built Pyramids

The Egyptian people believed that their rulers were gods. They believed that after they died, these rulers would continue to work in behalf of the Egyptian nation. Thus, the death of a king was an important event.

Egyptians went to great efforts to honor their deceased rulers, and to insure them a successful trip to the afterlife. These kings were buried with elaborate treasures, food supplies, and often even servants.

The bodies of the kings as well as those of other important individuals were preserved from decay through the process of mummification.

Mummy in burial chamber

These remains were then laid to rest within elaborate burial chambers. The most elaborate of these burial chambers were constructed during the Old Kingdom. Massive stone buildings known as pyramids stretched upward into the sky. These pyramids took decades and many thousands of laborers to construct. They stand as a testament to the awesome power and might of the Egyptian Kingdom.