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Etruscan Rulers

Etruscan Rulers

In the year 620 B.C., the city-state of Rome was conquered by an outside group of people known as the Etruscans. The Etruscans, who ruled much of Northern Italy, set up kings in Rome. These kings belonged to a wealthy family known as the Tarquins.

The Etruscans ruled Rome for the next 111 years. During this time, they built Rome into one of the wealthiest cities in Italy. They taught the Romans how to use bricks and tile roofing, how to design and layout streets and cities, and how to improve public works.

Etruscan building

The Etruscans also shared their culture, including their religious beliefs, their art, poetry, writing and drama.

In 534 B.C., a new king rose to power in Rome. This king was known as Tarquin the Proud. The brutality of this king led to a rebellion by the citizens of Rome in 509 B.C., ending the rule of the Etruscans in Rome.