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Europe’s View of the Colonies

Europe’s View of the Colonies

Europeans viewed the colonies as their property. They existed in order to serve their home nation. The colonies produced crops and goods that could then be shipped back to their mother country in order to enrich those who lived there. The colonies also existed, in their view, as a place where goods could be sold. The colonies were expected to remain loyal to their mother country, and submit to any decisions made on their behalf by their mother country.

Cotton was among the many different types of crops sent back to the mother country

Colonies were controlled by governors which were appointed by the crown. These governors had a great deal of authority within the regions they were responsible for. In this way, the crown maintained their authority in a colony. The governor appointed all judges, and other officials within the colony.

Many colonies also had a legislator which was made up of elected officials. These legislatures made recommendations to the governor, but had no real power.