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In Your Lifetime 2

In Your Lifetime – continued

Written for the KidsKnowIt Network by: Brandt Goble

There were many inventions to come in the 20th century, but not everything still needed inventing. In 1912 you could already vacuum your room when your mom asked you to because the modern vacuum, that handy room-cleaning tool, came about in 1901. It should have come with apologies to all room-cleaning children since 1901.

Vacuum from 1908
A vacuum cleaner from the year 1908.

Now, if you told your mom you vacuumed your room but you didn’t and you just said you did (I know you wouldn’t do that), there is a good chance you were safe because the lie detector wasn’t invented until 1921 by John Larson. Whew, that was a close one!

If you actually vacuumed your room when your mom asked, like I know you did, and the lie detector was not needed and a reward for your hard work was in order, you would sadly have to wait until 1928 for Walter E. Deimer to invent the all-time kid favorite treat, Bubble Gum. But you were in luck if you were due a hard earned reward because in 1912 Clarence Crane created Life Savers just for you and your hard work cleaning your room.