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The Islamic People


As early as 3000 B.C., the people known as the Arabs inhabited a large peninsula between Asia and Africa. This peninsula would come to be known as the Arabian Peninsula after the people who lived there.

Because of the remoteness of their villages and the brutal deserts that surrounded them, the Arabians were left alone for centuries. Free from attack by outside forces and isolated from the rest of the world, the Arabian culture evolved in a unique direction, completely separate from the cultures of other civilizations around them.

In order to survive the harsh conditions of their homeland, the Arabians drew close to their families. Several related families often came together to form a tribe. These tribes were ruled by one chief called the sheikh. The sheikh ruled so long as the heads of each family supported him.

 An Arabian Sheikh

These tribes often raided one another in search of camels, goats, and other necessary supplies for their survival. The men engaged in games that helped to prepare them to be warriors.

These early Arabians traveled from oases to oases in search of water and food. Their diet consisted mainly of dates (a small fruit) and milk from their herds. On special occasions, they would kill and feast on a fatted lamb.