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The Mauryan Empire

The Mauryan Empire

Maurya was a skilled leader and politician as well as military leader. He expanded the Kingdom of Magadha into the Mauryan Empire. Maurya developed infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and a post office, that would help his empire to flourish for almost 150 years.


Mauryan Empire

Maurya’s grandson Asoka began his rule as a brutal warlord. His military expanded the borders of the empire to include two thirds of the Indian subcontinent. In later life, Asoka grew tired of war and became converted to Buddhism. He taught his people to be kind to others and to have regard for human life. Under his rule, Buddhist teachers were able to spread Buddhism far and wide.

After the death of Asoka, the Mauryan empire entered a period of decline. His successors levied heavy taxes on the people. Their harsh treatment caused the people to turn against their Mauryan masters. The last Mauryan king was murdered in 184 B.C., which ended the Mauryan Empire. The region again returned to the control of small city-states.