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A Revolution Begins

A Revolution Begins

As the National Assembly met to write a new constitution, their debates often spilled out into the streets of Paris. Soon, everyone in the capital was debating the social ills of France, and what form a new government should take.

Fearing the sentiment of revolution that was quickly expanding throughout the capital, King Louis XVI placed troops throughout the capital city as well as around the palace.

Seeing the troop buildup, many of the supporters of the National Assembly worried that the King planned to use these troops to put an end to the National Assembly and to the reforms they were making.

Storming the Bastille

In order to defend the National Assembly, rioters attacked the Prison of Bastille where weapons and ammunition were stored. In this battle, a number of rioters and soldiers were killed. The rioters were able to gain control of the prison and establish a new radical government in Paris.