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The Revoutionary War

A Revolutionary War

By declaring their independence, the colonists had insured that there would be a war in the Americas. There was no longer any hope for a peaceful solution to the conflict between the colonies and their mother country, Great Britain.

The American Colonies who were among the poorest and weakest nations on Earth, had decided to take on the most powerful of the day. The Continental Congress appointed General George Washington as their commander.

George Washington crosses the Delaware

A long, difficult war would follow, which would devastate the colonies. They were simply not equipped to fight such a powerful military force. Many times, it appeared as though the British were just a few steps away from winning the war. However, the American soldiers held out.

Spurred on by the superb leadership of their commander, the American troops were able to continue fighting. The British had an important disadvantage. They had to conquer and subdue the entire continent, while all the American troops had to do was remain intact until the British troops gave up.

As the war carried on year after year, the Americans began to win important battles, embarrassing the British. As this happened, the French, who were upset about the territory they had lost to Great Britain, became convinced that the Americans could win, and sent ships and supplies to help the colonists. Spain, who had also lost territory to Great Britain, also sent aid to the colonies.

By August of 1781, the British were forced to surrender in Yorktown, Virginia.